A List of the Best Microgreen Starter Kits in 2021

Microgreens are a wonderful way to get your daily serving of vegetables, and they can be grown in any type of container. Microgreens offer much better flavor than lettuce or spinach because they contain more concentrated nutrients. They also take up less space than other greens, so you can grow them on the windowsill or outside in a pot. We’ve compiled this list of the best microgreen starter kits for 2021 to help you find the perfect one for your needs!

Top 5 Best Microgreen Starter Kits of 2021

1. Kitchen Crop VKP1200 Time for Treats Seed Sprouter

Kitchen Crop VKP1200 Time for Treats Seed Sprouter

Feature Of Product
  • Material: Plastic
  • Product Dimensions: 6 x 6 x 8.5 inches; 1.1 Pounds
  • Mounting Type: Floor Standing
  • Care instructions: Hand wash

The Kitchen Crop VKP1200 Time for Treats Seed Sprouter is a great way to grow your own sprouts. This sprouter has a large capacity and can be used with any type of seed, including wheat grass, broccoli, alfalfa and more. It also includes an instructional DVD that will teach you how to use it in just minutes!

You’ll love the convenience of this kitchen tool – no need to buy expensive pre-packaged seeds or worry about germination rates. Plus, the clear dome lets you see what’s going on inside without opening up the top!


2. LeJoy Garden Seed Sprouter Tray 

LeJoy Garden Seed Sprouter Tray

Feature Of Product
  • Made from BPA Free PP Material
  • Sprouting without soil or other additives
  • Multifunction: Both seed sprouter and storage tray
  • Can sprout multiple types of seeds
  • Big Capacity: 13.4″ x 9.84″ x 4.72″(LxWxH)

The LeJoy Garden Seed Sprouter Tray is the perfect solution to grow your own food. It’s made from BPA-free PP material and can sprout multiple types of seeds, soya bean, mung beans, peanuts, black beans and wheat. You can use it as both a seed sprouter tray and storage tray. And it’s easy to use – even children can sprout beans easily!

This product will make you healthier by providing fresh vegetables that are grown in your kitchen without any additives or soil! Plus, this product is durable and long lasting.


3. Window Garden Assorted Indoor Microgreens Seed Starter Kit

Window Garden Assorted Indoor Microgreens Seed Starter Kit

Feature Of Product
  • Indoor gardening kit includes soil and seeds so you’re ready to grow in a matter of minutes
  • The leak-proof pop-up bag and ease of use makes this is the perfect kit 
  • All seeds are non-GMO and do not contain herbicides or pesticides
  • This growing kit includes 3 x 1 qt pop-up Fiber soil bags, and seeds

The Window Garden is an ideal indoor gardening kit that includes everything you need to start growing in minutes. You just add water and seeds, pop it up on your windowsill or any other sunny spot, and enjoy fresh veggies all year long! It’s easy-to-use with leak-proof packaging so there are no messes. Plus, it comes with organic seeds so you can be sure of what you’re eating.

With this kit, you can have fresh produce all year round without having to worry about harsh winters or bugs ruining your harvest. This is the perfect gift for anyone who loves cooking healthy meals at home!


4. Back to the Roots Water Garden Mini Aquaponic Ecosystem

Back to the Roots Water Garden Mini Aquaponic Ecosystem

Feature Of Product
  • Allow you to grow a succulent or houseplant garden all year round 
  • Harvest organic microgreens from your aquarium in just 10 days
  • Water Garden becomes a self-cleaning fish tank that also grows fresh food up top
  • The fish waste fertilizes the plants on top and the plants clean the water

The Back to the Roots Water Garden Duo is a self-cleaning aquarium that grows fresh food up top. You can harvest organic microgreens in just 10 days from your aquarium, which becomes a living home decor or gift for someone else. It’s perfect for anyone who wants to do more with their space.

With this mini ecosystem, you can enjoy fresh vegetables and herbs all year round without having to worry about watering them or fertilizing them yourself! And it’s easy too – no green thumb required!


5. Grow Book Microgreens Indoor Garden

Grow Book Microgreens Indoor Garden

Feature Of Product
  • Harvest your own delicious microgreens in only ten days
  • Include arugula, purple radish and amaranth sprouting seeds
  • Feature a microgreens growing tray, 32 LED lights 
  • Include nutrient rich soil, microgreen seeds and a manual
  • Small footprint measuring just 8” x 7”

Grow your own at home with this complete indoor garden kit from Grow Book. This kit includes everything you need to grow delicious microgreens! You’ll have arugula, purple radish and amaranth sprouting seeds as well as a microgreen tray, 32 LED lights connected via the included USB cable and charger and nutrient rich soil. All you need to do is add water for the magic to happen.

With this complete indoor gardening kit, you can enjoy fresh-picked greens anytime without having to leave your kitchen or spend hours tending to them. This convenient system provides all the nutrients that plants need so they stay healthy while producing flavorful leaves for salads or garnishes in just 10 days!


How To Make The Most Of Microgreen Kits

There are a number of growing kits on the market, and ensuring you choose one that’s not overly complicated can be tough. Thankfully, even novice growers will find success with most kits–choosing which starter kit is best for them comes down to how much they want to spend or what their tastes in microgreens might be!

Type of Mircrogreens

There are a lot of fun microgreen varieties that you can grow at home. These tiny greens have different requirements, like the amount of light they need to thrive and how much water or space is needed for them to flourish in their personal little garden pots. The right gardening kit will give your baby plants everything it needs!

Amount of Microgreens

The number of microgreens you plan to grow will dictate the type of growing kit that is right for your needs. If you want a few small ones, then go with a smaller option; if you are looking to have many large and delicious plants, then consider using multiple kits!

Where to Grow

Microgreens can be grown in a variety of spaces and with different kits tailored for indoor or outdoor use. You’ll want to decide what type you’d like before purchasing your kit so that it will grow well where you place the container!


If you are on a budget, then the most important thing to consider is which microgreens kit will fit in your price range. Microgreen kits vary greatly and some can be quite expensive depending on what level of quality they offer. These kits may require more time and energy than others but if there is an issue with money or patience, the best option would be getting one that offers fewer features for less cash so you get just enough without overspending too much!


The best microgreen starter kits are made with the highest quality materials and have been scientifically proven to be effective. They also provide valuable information about how to grow your own vegetables at home or in a garden setting, which is always beneficial for any aspiring gardener. When you’re ready to start growing microgreens of your own, choose one that has everything you need including seed packets so that you can get started right away!

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